I don't know what we did before we purchased the trailer. It seems like such an indispensible item now that I wonder how we got along without it.

Office: I can write anywhere, but I am currently sitting in my favorite location; at the table in the trailer. I can glance up at the TV (a police chase is on), I can glance out all the windows, but most importantly, I am not distracted by all the housework waiting on my return indoors.

Guest Bedroom: The full amenities allowed make this an ideal guest bedroom. It's a lot more comfortable…not to mention private…space. The queen sized bed means if a married child wants to come for a visit, they can be together. It's got a complete kitchen and a bathroom…with shower. Nice.

Escape: Whether it's to escape the heat or just get away from the phones, it makes a nice escape. We can forget the phones, leave the TV and laptop off and just be together.

Disaster "kit:" This is where I stow our disaster preparedness stuff. As the most likely disaster here is an earthquake, it makes a good choice. It's outside, but locked. It has (as mentioned) all the amenities needed. I can store food, water and other important items safely and know it's likely to be still standing even if the house has major damage.

Storage: Aside from the earthquake kit, we store a lot of our camping gear in the trailer. Fold up chairs, sterno, extra blankets and so on don't have to take up space in the house or the garage. That makes room for more stuff inside…maybe that isn't such a great idea after all?

Traveling: Yes, we've even done that. We've taken it to three church campouts, on our Silver Anniversary honeymoon and up to visit our daughter in Washington. It's a lot more convenient than a hotel room, though on long trips, it's about the same expense wise. The only problem is removing the excess stuff from all the other uses we put to it so it doesn't weigh too much.

At any rate, it is a blessing to have. It may seem funny to use it for anything but camping, but I'd rather see an investment of this side used than left to sit ignored and gather dust. (The police chase is over and bad guy under arrest…)